The Doom Assigned - where King Richard III lives on!

Here are some illustrations from the story in THE DOOM ASSIGNED

What might have happened after the Battle of Bosworth had Richard won as expected? Henry Tudor would have been killed in the battle so - no Tudors! We know Richard was engaged in negotiations for marriage with Joanne of Portugal, then that is a starting point - the rest is imagined.

Old Lisbon Lisbon at the end of the 15th century. The Castle of St. George is top right of centre.

Henry Tudor

The man who would be king - Henry Tudor. He manages to escape the Battle of Bosworth and disappears. Squire Robert de la Halle discovers his whereabouts and the pursuit is on!

Donnington Churchyard

This is the place, Donnington Church, where the English dead were buried after the Battle of Bosworth.

Thomas Stanley

Thomas Stanley. The treacherous earl did not live long once the king had him.

Morecambe sands

The treacherous sea coast of Morecambe Bay is a place of vast sands and racing tides. Humphrey Head is shown mid left with the Furness Peninsula just visible behind, centre right.

The Doomed Man

This is a current poster informing visitors to the area of the death trap that is Morecambe Bay.

Formby dunes

The dunes at Formby - a great place for smuggling. Staunton Manor (later the Hall I'th Wood) is set close to the defunct Formby Hall, in Lancashire.

The chief villain, Margaret (Beaufort), Countess of Richmond and wife of Lord Stanley

Lady Stanley

Originally married to Edmund Tudor, a minor noble of dubious lineage, she encouraged her only son, Henry Tudor to bid for the Crown of England.

Queen Joanna

Joanna of Portugal married to King Richard III. She becomes the Queen of England.

King Richard III

Thought to be the earliest portrait of King Richard III.

The Howling Man

Here is the public house renamed The Howling Man for the purposes of the book.

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